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Thread: US Unemployment: Good news or bad news?

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    Re: US Unemployment: Good news or bad news?

    Quote Originally Posted by maquignon View Post
    It is absolutely meaningless since the statistics are so juggled. Just because you stop COUNTING some people, it does not mean that they are no longer unemployed. The Labor Participation Rate is a much more accurate figure and it is the WORST in decades.
    Ok, so what do you consider to be unemployed and why? Retirees? Students? Stay home spouses? Disabled?
    If someone doesn't't want a job? If someone can't work?

    The "why" is most important. What are you trying to measure and does your definition help?

    The numbers are not juggled. Either someone meets the definition or not.

    If you don't like the definition, what's your's and why?

    Keep in mind that the Labor Force Participation Rate went steadily up until 2000, and down since then. And think: the participation rate is higher than any time before 1978. If you use the participation rate as your standard, you're saying our job situation is better than all the 50's and 60's.
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    Re: US Unemployment: Good news or bad news?

    Quote Originally Posted by tres borrachos View Post
    I'm not saying someone, some day couldn't get the work week shortened to 35 hours. I'm saying your comment that employers would have to hire more people because of it would never happen.

    If 5 hours means the difference between "humane" and "inhumane", then I think workers are very weak. Most people I know who are successful work far more than that. I know I do. I have to work a lot on Sundays and in the middle of the nights because I'm in a job that requires me to work with people in Europe and the Middle East. Same with the employees I manage. It's not the end of the world to us.
    It's not the fine line between humane and inhumane. A reduction of the workweek would be more humane than the status quo. I recognize that many people have to work longer than 40 hours as is; people who work overtime deserve compensation for that.
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