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Are you being consistent? Our dialogue seem to start when I wrote that marriage consists of giving special government benefits to people who follow the religious idea that sex and procreation is so sacred that it should only be done by two people in a long term loving relationship. And extending those benefits to SS couples doesn't solve the inequality of not giving government special marriage benefits to polygamists, polyandrists, asexuals, nonsexuals, people who are unable to find a partner, as well as people who believe that sex can be done on a short term revolving basis and who therefore see no reason to marry. And all these people are denied "marriage equality". You responded with:

So, why force anyone who wants those marriage benefts related to legal kinship to jump through extra hoops that marriage provides much more easily? Or, why is it unequal to deny marriage benefits to same sex couples but not to those other people. Same sex people can also jump through extra hoops and get the legal kinship issues solved. Siblings are not allowed to marry each other.
It is a specific type of legal kinship being established. Siblings already have a legal kinship. If they need a different relationship, that doesn't involve sex then it shouldn't be marriage because it still wouldn't be the type of relationship spouses have, something identified by several SCOTUS rulings as being a very specific (even if not well defined) type of relationship. It was never meant to just be something to bestow benefits on people (hence why we investigate marriage fraud).