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Thread: the right to marry whoever

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    Re: the right to marry whoever

    Quote Originally Posted by Kreton View Post
    Probably going to catch hell for this. but what is wrong with polygamy/polyandry/polyamory?
    Polygamy simply means multiple spouses, with no indication of the numbers of husbands and/or wives. It is often confused with and used in place of polygyny, which is the most known form of polygamy; one husband, multiple wives. Polyandry is the opposite of polygyny; one wife, multiple husbands. Polyamory is a recently coined term that reflects multiple intimate relations, anywhere from dating to married and also does not indicate what combinations are present. With any form polygamy all the spouses are of a single unit, even if they all do not have sex together. Not necessarily so with polyamory. Additionally, polyamory makes no indication of sexual activity, although it is common.

    So all polygyny and polyandry are polygamy, but the opposite does not hold true. All polygamy is polyamory, but the opposite of that does not hold true.
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    Re: the right to marry whoever

    Quote Originally Posted by mpg View Post
    Do consenting adults have a Constitutional right to marry any other consenting adult? Which of these are Constitutional rights?
    The Constitution nowhere mentions marriage as a power given to the federal government, therefore, according to the 10th Amendment, that power is reserved to the States, and or the people. Marriage is nowhere designated a Constitutional right. The Constitution does, however, speak to the inability of the federal and state governments to discriminate according to certain criteria. It is this "discrimination" proscription that is the basis of the recent SCOTUS ruling, I believe, not any Constitutionally guaranteed right to marry.

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