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Because this is a current event and because it can get political in nature I have put this here. While I am an Xbox guy I chose that Sony "won" E3 simply because of their great ability to pander to their audience. The Last Guardian is a PS3 title coming to PS4 that should have released on well PS3. Shenmue III to me is to little to late, and it was offensive to my sensibilities that it was a PS title when it was always seen more as a Xbox and Sega title at a time when Sony was the enemy to Shenmue. FFVII is great but coming to Xbox One later. In the end, Sony had a great show to wow but nothing of substance for this year.

Microsoft had a great solid show, showing what is coming this year and held back quite a bit I think. The backwards compatibility is a great thing, as well as the other services, features, and titles they have coming this year.

Nintendo decided that our princess is in another console and to come back next year when they show their new system.

Oh yeah and EA, Bethsoft (FALLOUT 4!!!!), and Square Enix had shows also. So what do you think?
I mean how could you top announcing Fallout 4?