Drug Test technology was derived through the Drug manufacturer by common law of allied consortium, and not the drug user.

Drug testing violates the logic of custody and sabotages the purpose of drug intervention.

Drug testing is accomplice to the drug manufacture. Drug testing is a long distant covert service of “alibi” to harbor the fugitives of World War II. The covert strategy of drug testing is to falsify the documentation of target-aim, and overthrow logical pursuit in order to sabotage the logic of custody.

Methamphetamine went into wide use during World War II, when both sides used it to keep troops awake. High doses were given to Japanese Kamikaze pilots before their suicide missions. And after the war, methamphetamine abuse by injection reached epidemic proportions when supplies stored for military use became available to the Japanese public.

The criminal conduct is induced by coercing or provoking subordinate manpower or personnel to wage allegiance in favor of concealing the capability to detect the drug supply for the purpose of allowing quota of the drug user.

The goal of harboring a fugitive is to assist the maker in the pursuit of detecting the drug user.

The strategy of the fugitive is to sabotage the delegation of “aim” or target acquisition by tampering the logic of pursuit.

To pursue detection of the drug user is a decoy to distract the logic of custody to apprehend the cause or drug maker.

Drug testing is a utensil of criminal politics used to defile or mislead lawful order in the pursuit to apprehend the causes of supply.

Drug testing teaches followership to abandon the chain of lawful order or "custody"., in order to help the maker chase the user.

Drug testing teaches the propaganda of decoy, in order to tamper the logic of apprehension in detecting the cause.

Drug testing is a syndicate to install decoy operations for helping the maker ensue the drug user.

Drug testing is an alibi service utilized to harbor the fugitives of Word War II. Drug testing installs the syndication to assist the drug maker in the quota of decoy to voucher the user as a pawn to falsify the goal of apprehending the causes.

Drug testing promotes the accomplice of fugitive.

Today, most of the drugs available in Asia is produced out of Thailand, Myanmar and China.

Drug testing is malicious conduct and accomplice to harboring the fugitives of World War II since the Jewish holocaust.

Drug testing violates the logic of Peace Treaty since the invasion of Japan at Pearl Harbor.

Malicious conduct is utilized to dis-band the capability of any progress to "pursue" apprehension of the causes.

Malicious conduct is intended to promote pursuit of the consequence by covert ammunition of the cause in order to help the maker blame the user.

Drug testing is a system that pursues the quota of a drug user or "consequences" in order to conceal, confide or allow the "causes".

Any system that pursues the quota of a drug user or "consequences" endorses or permits the progress of drug supply or "causes".

To dis-band the cause alleviates the consequence.

Drug testing is propaganda to keep people in the mental bondage of chasing the consequence with disregard to halting the corruption and decoys inflicted by the cause or “fugitive drug maker”.

Any plan that uses mental bondage to keep people slaved to consequences in order to promote the causes only implicates the provocation to install, implant or impose a process of counterfeit.

Drug testing teaches leadership to surrender to counterfeit, by corrupting the logic of pursuit and is intended to prevent target acquisition, for allowing the criminal or "causes" to succeed and go un-opposed in order to quota the victim or "consequences".

Drug testing infiltrates title and deed to sabotage the pursuit of custody.

Any schematic of distraction to corrupt the logic of pursuit only rules against the lawful order of custody for the purpose of harboring a fugitive.and endorsing the propaganda to pledge allegiance to the imposter.

Drug testing quotas the consequences.

Drug supply recruits the drug user.

Drug testing promotes falsified documents and counterfiet by endorsing the progress of drug supply in order to quota the pursuit to detect the drug user.

The only way to detect or pursue a drug user is to allow the progress of drug supply.

The drug supply recruits the user; but the user does not invent or induce the drug supply.