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  • An activist who is working toward ending racism and has made progress in America?

    3 6.12%
  • An activist who is working toward ending racism in America and has had no impact?

    0 0%
  • An activist who is working toward ending racism and has had a negative impact?

    3 6.12%
  • A racist who is working toward dividing America?

    19 38.78%
  • A person who exploits what he can for his own self interest?

    40 81.63%
  • Something else. Please explain.

    5 10.20%
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Thread: Al Sharpton

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    Re: Al Sharpton

    Sharpton is a con man, a manipulative POS who exploits every racial tragedy for his own goals and profit. He's a thoroughly despicable human being.

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    Re: Al Sharpton

    The person who has done more to create racial animosity than any other with the possible exception of Barack Obama. He became famous for promoting a hoax in the Tawana Brawley scam and has sunk lower every year since. Thank God the people of Charleston had the good sense to keep him out. He fits beautifully in the cesspool known as MSNBC. It would make a good debate as to whether Sharpton drags MSNBC down or vice versa.

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