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Thread: Which Party values the middle class more?

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    Re: Which Party values the middle class more?

    I'll have to go with the democrats as still being for the working man. They'll help you when you're down. A republican will kick you when you're down and call you a useless eater if you're jobless and trying to get some help. Around election time I usually ask people what's a republican ever done for you. They can't come up with a good answer other than family values or freedom or some such answer. The safety nets and many other programs to help the poor, needy, jobless, hungry children etc., always given to us by democrats are still intact but always attacked by republicans. Myself, never used the safety nets except when I was young, dad died, mom sick, we received social security to get our lives going. I've been an FDR fan ever since.
    The government was there for Paul Ryan and and Ben Carson also, although they now seem to have forgotten who helped them in their time of need and are now pushing the republican b.s.

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    Re: Which Party values the middle class more?

    I went with other, mainly because even mildly organized political parties generally operate as the "factions" that our founders warned us about. Which means they operate for their own intentions, their own ideals, and for their own outcome which does not necessarily mean the middle class is in focus.

    The harsh truth here is a "strong middle class" is a distortion of both a market and planned economic model. It explains well why we go with a mixed economic model, and it also explains well why certain elements of socialism prop up a middle class. Another way of saying that it is not the highest income quintile that drives economic growth, it boils down to the middle income quintile that handles the production, manufacturing, construction, etc. of our basic economic function indicators.

    Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Communists, etc. all have their own ideologies when it comes to an economic model.

    Republicans are outright oligarchs, interested in political security of wealth holding while pushing for key terms like trickle down or supply side economics. We know most of their economic theories are failures when we look at the wealth gap, or look at real hourly earning vs. GDP, or look at labor rate vs. productivity, or look at labor participation rate, etc. Democrats are outright union protectionists, interested in the political security of another concentration of wealth. Union funds mainly. Does have a middle class impact but at an economic expense. Either the need for less of them over time, or the development of unfunded condition of promised benefit. We know their failures. Their motives do not lead to more productivity, it leads to more system dependence. Hardcore Libertarians want an economic model so close to a market model that there would cease to be a middle class in any regard. The ultimate have and have not model. Communists (and socialists for that matter) have a similar problem, wanting a government model pushing the economic model so far towards a planned model that the same result occurs, the elimination of the middle class.

    What we need is practical tax policy in concert with practical economic policy, but there is no way that will pass by our dominated (D) and (R) political system. This nation's strongest middle class historically happened to coincide with strong periods of small business entrepreneurship (tax policy,) the usage of strong infrastructure and technology investment (economic policy,) and treating the 3rd and 4th income quintile as if they were in a union without forcing them to be in a union (social policy.) Then the oligarchs (both left and right) and big unions rolled in and ultra ****ed that all up with their influence on the policy coming off the hill.

    How we handle debt, how we handle international trade (and labor competition,) how we handle taxation, how we handle our own avenues of business movement, and how we handle our own economic model has suffered ever since. Stands to reason. All the charts, all the empirical data, and all economic indicators support that we harmed our middle class as we moved from a production and export economic model to an import and consumer debt economic model. Big business, big wealth, and big union won... everyone else lost.
    "Every time something really bad happens, people cry out for safety, and the government answers by taking rights away from good people." - Penn Jillette.

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    Re: Which Party values the middle class more?

    If you're asking about politicians, they're all slime, regardless of party.

    If you're asking about the voters, the vast majority have good intentions, regardless of party.

    A better question would be; which party's policies are better for the middle class?
    If you expect people to be rational, you aren't being rational.

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