View Poll Results: Have we (the US) screwed up the Middle East?

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  • Yes, we screwed it up, and we're going to pay a heavy price)

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  • It wasn't just us, we had help.

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  • No, it would have come to this point even without our involvement.

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Thread: Have we (the US) screwed up the Middle East?[W:51***]

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    Re: Have we (the US) screwed up the Middle East?

    Quote Originally Posted by PIPEWRENCH View Post
    The Middle East is not the Holy Land but the Devils Play Ground. There will never be peace in the Middle East as long as 2 or more people live there. Cane killed Able and the killing hasn't stopped in recorded history. Even God has been unsuccessful in straightening that hell hole out. He flooded the earth, destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah, and even sent his son down to try to help out. They nailed him to a cross. It is hopeless and nothing we do or not do will help those people or stop the insanity that is the Middle East.

    From the movie Aliens.
    I say we nuke it from space and kill every last person there. It is the only way to be sure.
    Wow.... someone rally missed the point on that one. God did not send his son to "try to help out" in the Middle East. Just some FYI.

    That all said, I do agree that the Middle East strive is a bit of an illustration, if not a downright metaphor, of spiritual warfare, but that is another discussion.

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    Re: Have we (the US) screwed up the Middle East?

    The Middle East is certainly very complex, and I'm not going to claim that every single problem in the Middle East is because of U.S. intervention. However, especially in Iraq, the United States has caused damage to the stability of the region that will be very difficult to undo, if it ever can be undone. The rise of ISIS was caused by the power vacuum created by toppling Saddam Hussein, and we are now paying a heavy price by fighting them.
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