Robyn Urback on FHRITP: If you act like a boorish clod in public, you might lose your job. Simple | National Post

The phrase abbreviated to FHRITP has become somewhat of a phenomenon ever since a Cincinnati man created a couple of fake news reports in early 2014 showing a hooded man interrupting a reporter by yelling FHRITP into the camera. Since then, self-styled humourists around the world have picked up on the trend, injecting themselves into live news hits to bellow FHRITP into the lens, seemingly unaware or unconcerned with the fact that their faces would be on camera.

The Hydro One employee, who has since been terminated, was not the man who yelled the crude remark. He did, however, defend it: It is f hilarious its f amazing, and I respect it, he said, when confronted by Hunt. Youre lucky theres not a f vibrator here, he added. That man was quickly identified as Shawn Simoes, an assistant network management engineer for Hydro One, whose $106,510.50 salary has earned him a spot on the Sunshine List. By Monday afternoon, the company announced the man had been fired for violating Hydro Ones code of conduct.
Fire him?_
Yes- why -
No - Why