View Poll Results: Is Zimmeeman a good guy and still justified in killing Martin

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  • Zimmerman still Justified and the victim

    3 27.27%
  • he baited Treavon into a fight then shot him

    7 63.64%
  • not sure what to think of Zimmereman

    1 9.09%
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Thread: Zimmereman the good guy[W:46]

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    Re: Zimmereman the good guy

    Quote Originally Posted by Josie View Post
    We're done here. You can't talk about this topic without calling the people racists. Have a nice night.
    When people express racist attitudes, I'm going to point it out. I have zero patience for the victim card some white people play when their white supremacy is pointed out. That card was played out for me a while ago as it sustains white supremacy by allowing it to go unchallenged. If that is intolerable to you, it's probably best for you to say good night.

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    Re: Zimmereman the good guy

    Quote Originally Posted by ThePlayDrive View Post
    I know quite a few people who neither mince words nor hold back, but manage to not be hateful. Like I said, I'll pray for you.

    Well, you did get one thing right. The Black Lives Matter movement is going to get exactly what it wants.
    Riots, looting and cops killed for being cops?

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    Re: Zimmereman the good guy

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