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Thread: Poland Demands Apology Over F.B.I. Director’s Holocaust Remarks

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    Re: Poland Demands Apology Over F.B.I. Director’s Holocaust Remarks

    Quote Originally Posted by OrphanSlug View Post
    We do not get to re-write history here because it may not sit well.

    The harsh truth of the matter is there was plenty of antisemitism among the Polish people prior to and of course during the war. In that context, antisemitism among the people of Poland and Germany all predate the Nazis in any sense.

    However, the conditions of WWII made for some awkward relations between all these groups of people. Once Poland fell losing some 66K (twice that injured) soldiers in the process there was little choice but to handle a new reality. German forces regarded the Polish people as just one notch above the Jews, and they both suffered greatly because of it.

    It would be foolish to suggest no Polish people helped the occupying Germans in their effort to kill off as many Jews as possible, but it would be equally foolish to suggest there was some unwritten rule saying all polish people were helping the Germans. We also have to consider motivations here, for many Polish people they knew if they did not help the Germans they may face a fate similar as many Jewish people, homosexuals, and others faced. If for no other reason than they did not help the Germans in a way the Germans dictated.
    No one has stated that, and knowing a tad about history Poles, French, German risked their lives and their families lives as well to help Jews.
    The directors points were missed by the Polish Govt, or overlooking a part of their history that they are not willing to acknowledge.
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    Re: Poland Demands Apology Over F.B.I. Director’s Holocaust Remarks

    It wasn't just the Germans.

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    Re: Poland Demands Apology Over F.B.I. Director’s Holocaust Remarks

    Obama should resign.
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