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Thread: Do our policemen need mental examination?

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    Re: Do our policemen need mental examination?

    Quote Originally Posted by 3step View Post
    What happens to cops? It's not a suspicion, it's obvious that they are as violent as vultures. Does their jobs drive them so violent? Or maybe those cops who commit crimes were mentally ill before they applied for their jobs? I have no doubt that someone would name some other reasons of cops violence. I think it would be useful to examinate all the cops that are in charge now to cleanse our police in the name of our security. Do you agree?
    There is no such psychological trait as 'violence', though some pseudoscientists may say otherwise. So-called 'violence' consists of the physical side-effects of a variety of practical actions and behaviors. Oftentimes deceptive sociopaths propagate the terms 'violent' / 'violence', 'violent criminals', and 'non-violent' / 'non-violence', because they seek to falsely attribute any and all direct and effective opposition to tyrannical aggression to a psychological desire for 'violence', thus discreditting such opposition.

    The real problem with police is that a large portion of them have an innate pathological mindset of dominance. That mindset causes delusions, aggressive behavior, and political actions to facilitate their delusions and aggression. 'Violence' is sometimes a side-effect of dominance-asserting aggression, and other times it is not, because there are a variety of dominance-assertion behaviors, but all of them are unjust and disruptive to society.

    Therefore, police should be subjected to genetic testing, neurochemical testing, tone of voice analysis, and other psychological analysis, to determine if they have dominance-asserting temperament. The particular cops and prospective cops who do have that temperament must be summarily fired, blacklisted, and sterilized, and those who have perpetrated dominance-asserting aggression must be executed.

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    Re: Do our policemen need mental examination?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ikari View Post
    I would think this is already a thing. Other professions have psych evals all the time, I would have to think that police are amongst those professions.
    They have guns and batons and bad reputation, so their mental health definitely needs to be monitored.

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