View Poll Results: Should ALL laws sunset after 10 years?

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Thread: Should ALL laws sunset after 10 years?

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    Re: Should ALL laws sunset after 10 years?

    Quote Originally Posted by Socrates View Post
    Yes, one of the laws that definitely needs to be replaced is the gun law
    true, the federal government has no proper power in this area

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    Re: Should ALL laws sunset after 10 years?

    Quote Originally Posted by eohrnberger View Post
    If the individual laws are being reviewed for their efficacy, then really, what's the point?
    Yep. This also touches on vaguely written laws and how they come back to bite us. A law can be written as, "All laws must sunset after 10 years, and must be renewed to continue." No mention of *how*, and as you say, they could all be renewed with one fell swoop.

    Quote Originally Posted by TurtleDude View Post
    I don't think anyone can argue that FDR was trying to follow the constitution. He wanted to use the crisis of the Depression to grab all sorts of powers for the federal government that cannot be found by even the most expansive honest interpretation of the commerce clause etc
    I don't believe he was outright violating the Constitution... if only because he knew he'd never get away with it... but he was clearly trying to do an end run, while staying juuuuuuust inside the boundaries, and having the same end result as violating the Constitution.
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    then you are a hypocrite and everything you say on the matter is just babble.

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