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Thread: Are government agents posing as DP posters?[W:73]

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    Re: Are government agents posing as DP posters?

    Quote Originally Posted by JANFU View Post
    I just finished speaking with your section head. They have been replaced. Please do not ask, but they have been shall we say "retired". You file was reviewed and an increase was well deserved. Please notify me if it is not on your next check.
    Are you perhaps the person who sits in the back left hand corner at meetings and smokes that Sherlock Holmes type pipe?

    I owe you dinner and drinks. Thanks much!!!!
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    Re: Are government agents posing as DP posters?

    Quote Originally Posted by Montecresto View Post
    That's not what they told me,
    Misinformation sad but it was necessary. You were the ideal candidate.. Though your work will be rewarded.
    We have an opening as section head?
    Quote Originally Posted by Fenton View Post
    Hillary is the only defense I or anyone else needs.
    Quote Originally Posted by Erod View Post
    The damage to the black community from all this will be devastating.Not only on public perception and reputation, but cops simply won't want to police these neighborhoods anymore.
    Quote Originally Posted by BobDick View Post
    LMAO Clinton gets away with it but they lock up my man Cosby

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    Re: Are government agents posing as DP posters?

    Moderator's Warning:
    Are government agents posing as DP posters?[W:73]I know you all are having fun. However lets get back on and stick to the topic please.
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