View Poll Results: Should the U.S. do more to educate kids on the autistic spectrum?

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Thread: Should the U.S. do more to educate kids on the autistic spectrum?

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    Should the U.S. do more to educate kids on the autistic spectrum?

    Quote Originally Posted by Declan View Post
    When they are taking money that could be spent on instruction and using it to provide autistic children a thunder buddy in the classrooms they should not be in, then yes it is taking priority over the education of non-autistic children.
    Those are separate monies, actually. There's notoriously tight regulations on what schools can spend certain federal and state funds on in matters of sped dollars. There's no actual theft of dollars going on, unless you're of the primitive "every man for himself" type.

    Likewise, those aides actually are a vital support network for any general education instructor who has any sped students in the classroom. One of the most common comments from instructors for decades has been wanting more of it. Furthermore, while there is an intense preference for general Ed placements, federal law (thanks to case law) enables schools to change placements to a more restrictive setting if even with additional supports and interventions the two cannot be claimed: 1) meaningful education for the student 2) harmless education for the rest of the classroom. The thing is, however, a school has to justify such choices in a manner that will satisfy the courts, otherwise their claims have no standing.
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    Re: Should the U.S. do more to educate kids on the autistic spectrum?

    Education in its current state is a bad fit for the 21st century. The 20th century was supposed to educate people to advance in a pipe line career while teaching them sufficient liberal arts skills to participate in social interest groups. Ergo church, the Masons, unions, etc. The economy these days is pretty counter intuitive when it comes to building a career. Education should be reformed to reflect that.

    As far as autists go, if evolution gives you human computers, thank God for the blessing. No telling how many people like that have pushed civilization forward in the capacity of revolutionary intellectual and spiritual leaders.
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