View Poll Results: Can watching and listening to too much news make you feel depressed?

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Thread: Can watching and listening to much news make you feel depressed?

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    Re: Can watching and listening to much news make you feel depressed?

    I suppose it can make a person feel depressed. I generally take breaks before that depressing feeling happens to me, it's good to breath freely every once in a while and the news will still there when I decide to get back to it.

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    Re: Can watching and listening to much news make you feel depressed?

    Depends on the person. The vast majority of media I watch is the news. I watch a little television news, but then I watch and read news mainly online. Are some of the stories saddening? Yes. Are most of them? Yes. Does it depress me? Sometimes. For the most part it makes me receive a global perspective of the world. Do we I feel actual pain? No. Do I feel remorse? Yes. But I will admit, I myself for most of the stories do not feel "sad". For some stories, yes. But for many of them? No. I (and I suspect their are many of us) are simply "used to it". The invention of mass media, be it Facebook, twitter, 24/7 "news", etc has lead us to gather a massive form of media, news, and info in real time, basically whenever we ant it. It has for a lot of us and for a lot of stories made us to accept these stories as the "new norm". Is this "new norm" the actual reality of the world? For many that live through it, yes. For many, no.
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