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Thread: Immigration: White House vs Federal Judge - Who Wins?

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    Re: Immigration: White House vs Federal Judge - Who Wins?

    United States District Judge Andrew Hanen ruled late Monday night to block executive actions Obama took late last year to shield as many as 5 million undocumented immigrants from deportation. In delaying the ruling, Hanen halted Obama's executive action, ruling that the administration had failed to comply with the Administrative Procedure Act, which calls for the White House to afford a longer notification and comment period before taking action.
    Obama's executive action was delayed on a procedural technicality. The ruling says nothing about the EO being unconstitutional. The WH is appealing to fifth circuit court in New Orleans. Who knows how long that will take but in the extended comment period could still take place (as if a year wasn't long enough) and when the appeal is upheld the EO could be implemented.....unless congress passes immigration reform.

    No, the Judges decision will not withstand an appeal.

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    Re: Immigration: White House vs Federal Judge - Who Wins?

    I'm all for immigration reform. A few reasons:

    1. Most Hispanic illegals are Christians.
    2. Those illegal Christians are not having abortions, therefore producing Christian families.
    3. The fastest growing religion in America, and most places, is Islam.
    4. Look at what's taking place in Europe. With the rise in anti-semitism towards Jews and the love for Islamic rights it's clear that it's fast becoming an Islamic state.
    5. More Christians means help in putting a stop to the rise of that hate filled religion.
    6. Cheap labor keeps cost down.

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