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Thread: What is Modern Feminism about?

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    Re: What is Modern Feminism about?

    Quote Originally Posted by joG View Post
    Quite different from the male gays?
    about 40/60 I suppose.

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    Re: What is Modern Feminism about?

    The real issue is blind grouping . . . . .

    many people think they know what feminism is and don't have a clue or a very slanted one . . .

    feminism is about equal rights PERIOD . . . . .

    its the people who are either already bigoted against women or biasedly judge the the group based on an individual that are the problem

    this is where mentally inept phrases like feminist agenda, gay agenda, black agenda, liberal agenda, conservative agenda, christian agenda, pro-choice agenda etc etc etc come from

    a racist black guy that doesnt like whites doesnt represent the black agenda, no more than a racist white guy represents the white agenda
    just like a feminists that wants women to rule the world doesnt represent the feminists agenda

    just cause you know one or even many doesnt mean thats what they all are

    just like millions of "lefties" support the 2A and millions of "righties" and "christians" support equal rights for choice and gays

    I watched a nutter feminist talk about standards for firemen and saying women shouldnt be forced to to pass any tests or carry things or chop down doors etc
    Its societies responsibility to have less fires and invent things that could aid women in these cases like an electric axe of something like that, thats where the focus should be

    now of course this loon was crazier than a **** house rat but at no time just because she called herself a feminist did i equate her to speak for feminism or representative of the group.

    Its about equal rights, thats all
    other issues are for individuals or maybe subgroups etc but not about the overall group
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    Genetically human & human being is exactly the same thing.
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    homosexuality is objectively wrong, but because science tells me it is, not politics.
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    I'm not at risk for AIDS. Gays are.
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    there is no such thing as an abortion on a dead fetus.

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