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  • CNN

    12 33.33%
  • FOX

    16 44.44%
  • ABC

    9 25.00%

    9 25.00%
  • CBS

    9 25.00%
  • RT

    6 16.67%
  • Huffington Post

    8 22.22%
  • The Daily Show

    7 19.44%
  • Washington Post

    10 27.78%
  • Other

    31 86.11%
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Thread: News Outlets You Get Your News From

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    Re: News Outlets You Get Your News From

    Here is what I use:
    Only TV News I watch is: CNN
    I will watch MSNBC for some political commentary mainly from Christopher Hayes and Rachel MAddow

    My bookmark bar is 80% News Sites I go through almost daily, they are: Huffington Post, Real Clear Politics, RollCall Politics, Dier Spiegel Enlish Version, Reddit News, Al-Jazeera, BuzzFeed, Vox, Reddit Politics, Wasghinton Post, Vice NEws, Politico, The Guardian, Think Progress, Reddit Syrian Civil War, Reddit Islamic State News, The Hill, Raw Story, AP, The Nation, RT, Politifact, PressTV, Mother Jones, Venezuela Analysis, NK News, Maan News, and SANA.

    I also subscribe to a lot of YouTube channels that are about current events, and political discussion but I wont go through those.

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    Re: News Outlets You Get Your News From

    blank google news search to get the story from all angles

    CNN for breaking

    BBC for world news

    NPR for the commute

    NBC Nightly for fun while i'm eating dinner

    USA Today on the weekends

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    Re: News Outlets You Get Your News From

    I just realized I confused RT with Reuters.

    As for all the sources I normally use: NY Times, The Economist, CNN, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, CNBC, Forbes, Washington Post, Huffington Post, NPR, PBS, BBC, Al Jazeera, VICE, Reddit (various subreddits), Politico, The Atlantic, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, Last Week Tonight, The Sun Sentinel, Wall Street Journal, The Miami Herald, and Reuters.

    I use the Google news function every now and then though.

    I really just read my news.
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    Re: News Outlets You Get Your News From

    Mostly Fox, MSNBC, ABC (because it's the local NH affiliate), The Wall Street Journal, the Union Leader, Wapo, Politico.
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