My friends, new year is near. And i think, now, it's time to sum up the results of outgoing year.
2014 was very hot! And there were many, MANY stories and events, which worthy to be here!
Post here, your own TOP 10 most impressive events of 2014. Politics and non-politics.
Let's go.
1 - honorable first place belongs to... Obama's "great" immigration policy. *Applause*
2 - Second place. Ferguson conflict, robberings, thug protestors and '"Innocent cop". *Applause*
3 - The third place. Ebola. 21-st century's plague. Most expensive illness. *Applause*
4 - Incidents with teachers. Great job. Our "heroes"Teacher ‘rapes girl, tries abortion in class’ Classroom sex-abuse case to cost nearly $140 million Teacher breastfeeds baby in class Teacher to student: ‘I’ll pull a machete on you’ Teacher in threesome wants to Jazzercise *Applause*
5 - ISIS campaign. Futile attempts to do something, failed too much times. *Applause* to terrorists which will destroy not only their country soon.
6 - Legalization of non-medical pot. *Applause* to teens which find what to do after school, good hobbie. *Applause*
7 - Legalized gay-marriages. Nothing to say. *Applause*
8 - St. Louis as worst city ever.
9 - Increasing number of cop's crimes.
10 - And of course. Great win of repubs. *Applause*