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Thread: Do you support Net Neutrality?

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    Re: Do you support Net Neutrality?

    Quote Originally Posted by ReverendHellh0und View Post
    The question asked isn't stating whether one supports treating all internet traffic equally, or handing it all over to the government to control the equality. there are two "net neutralities" on the table.
    The question asked is exactly "Do you support net neutrality?" How exactly is the government going to screw up "controlling the equality?"

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    Re: Do you support Net Neutrality?

    Quote Originally Posted by Fenton View Post
    Uhm, NO.

    The fallacy that the Government could and would mandate " neutrality " or " equity " or " fairness " seems to only appeal to those who're naive enough to believe that a Government entity is sincere when they push for nonsense like this.

    The title of the damn bill should raise red flags.
    Yep. I think this is all a ploy for the gov't to be able to control the message in yet another medium. Some of you continue to believe that the gov't is here to help....I beg to differ. I used to lean towards believing our gov't was mostly neutral on things as well. Then the IRS thing happened. Now, I'm skeptical of everything the gov't tries to do.
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