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  • Ebola

    7 26.92%
  • Climate Change

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Thread: Should we be more worried about ebola or climate change?

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    Re: Should we be more worried about ebola or climate change?

    Quote Originally Posted by Nilly View Post
    Which one of these issues poses the larger threat?

    The context of the poll is at an overall, global level. However I welcome peoples thoughts on which poses the biggest threat at national and local levels. Is there a certain hypocrisy (from both sides perhaps) in getting alarmed about one but not the other?

    Even if you aren't particularly worried about either, do you think one should warrant more discussion/coverage than the other? If you do truly believe both are inconsequential, explain why.

    For the record, I very much feel that climate change is the far larger threat, but I get the feeling many on here will disagree with me...

    EDIT: Mods, is there any way that this can be changed to public? Think I missed the checkbox....
    Climate change by far. A significant change in the world's climate will kill millions of people due to droughts, floods, increased natural disasters, etc. This is true regardless of whether that climate change is natural or caused by greenhouse gas emissions.
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    Re: Should we be more worried about ebola or climate change?

    Worrying about climate change involves seeing past the shadow of your own selfish existence. In other words, it's a liberal-only concern.

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