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Thread: In Your Opinion is the PKK a Terrorist Organization?

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    Re: In Your Opinion is the PKK a Terrorist Organization?

    Quote Originally Posted by Wiggen View Post
    What weapons have we provided to ISIS? Please provide a link that supports this bizarre suggestion. Or do you simply have a knee jerk reaction to blame your country for everything (you are an American, right, or are you a member of Hezbollah)?
    Congress secretly approves U.S. weapons flow to 'moderate' Syrian rebels | Reuters

    Rice Hints U.S. Providing Weapons to Syrian Rebels - Middle East - News - Arutz Sheva

    Where do you think the weapons the US sent to Syria ended up? Be realistic now, if the "moderate" rebels" had them they would have done and be doing much better then they are.

    And please, let's not portray Hezbollah as on some noble crusade to stop terrorism. They are simply trying to safeguard their own hides. The difference between Hezbollah and the PKK is that Hezbollah would willingly kill every American they could find. The Kurds are primarily interested in killing ISIS.
    The Kurds main focus for the last 30 or so years has been the creation of a Kurdish state, that involved terrorist acts and attacks on the various militaries of Iraq and Turkey primarily. Right now they are helping to fight ISIS, but not all the Kurds are doing so. I don't think that all of the PKK are now fighting in Iraq

    Hezbollah was primarily focused on getting Israel out of South Lebanon, and getting rid of the South Lebanese Army (not an official army of Lebanon). It's primary focus is defense against Israel. It is also like the Kurds sending fighters against ISIS
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    Re: In Your Opinion is the PKK a Terrorist Organization?

    Technically, any organization that employs terror is by definition terrorists.

    Granted, that makes pretty much every government terrorists. Terror is a method. Remember that.
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    Re: In Your Opinion is the PKK a Terrorist Organization?

    The Plattsburgh Knights of the Keyboards?

    A terrorist group?

    Definitely not.

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