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Thread: Is There Such a Thing as "White Privilege"?

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    Re: Is There Such a Thing as "White Privilege"?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sabanist View Post
    Not sure what younare trying to prove here. Blacks make up 13pct of the populous. Wouldnt your statement indicate they should be 13 pct of benefactors
    I think I'm saying despite the privilege, whites still receive welfare. Despite the history, the collection of wealth, the not being a merely 50 years removed from civil rights for them, whites still receive welfare.

    AUSTAN GOOLSBEE: I think the world vests too much power, certainly in the president, probably in Washington in general for its influence on the economy, because most all of the economy has nothing to do with the government.

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    Re: Is There Such a Thing as "White Privilege"?

    Welfare is a false flag by any measure.

    Welfare is a combination of gov programs that in some way give free money or goods to those who either dont wish to provide or are unable to.

    So many people get wrapped around the axle about welfare when it is such a small percent of the population that receives benefits. True enough a larger portion of black people receive benefits but even that is an insignificant percent of the black population.

    The real program people should be going after is disability which is funded from the ss coffers.

    Anyway, not much to do with the current topic but yes, i agree. If there were white privilege there wouldnt be just as many whites on welfare as blacks

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