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Thread: Parents: Punishing Kids [W:361]

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    Re: Parents: Punishing Kids

    My grandad whipped us very rarely. He did it with his belt. He never did it at the moment we angered him. He would make us go sit in his room until he was not at all angry anymore, then he would come in and explain what we had done and the effect it had. Then he would give us between 1 and 3 (never more than three) swats with the belt.

    The whipping had no more effect than to punctuate how rotten we felt from the disappointment Grandad expressed in our behavior.

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    Re: Parents: Punishing Kids

    Quote Originally Posted by Henrin View Post
    Why is that?
    I don't have the patience to explain basic concepts we should all understand.

    Quote Originally Posted by Henrin View Post
    Spankings have been connected by numerous studies to cognitive impairment, long-term developmental difficulties and decreases in a child's IQ. This is caused by spanking changing the grey matter in the brain that influences intelligence and learning abilities. Spanking also adversely affects areas of the brain involved in sensory perception, speech, muscular control, emotions and memory increasing the risk of aggression and childhood depression. In case you're not aware being depressed as a child is the worst time in your life for it to happen.
    And this comes from? So I can see it for myself?

    And it is all speculation at this point as psychology is not an exact science. For instance "it may cause a decrease in grey matter." Or so says the numerous reports I saw. Using extreme language with no links does little to reinforce your position.

    This also shows the agenda...

    Debates around physical punishment typically revolve around the ethics of using violence to enforce discipline. This inquiry synthesized 20 years of published research on the topic and aims to "shift the ethical debate over corporal punishment into the medical sphere - How Spanking Harms the Brain | Psychology Today

    Now where have I heard that before? Oh yea... The gun debate.

    Quote Originally Posted by Henrin View Post
    Call it hugs and kisses if it makes you feel better. Whatever you decide to call it doesn't change the nature of the act at all. How it affects a child varies, but the effects of trauma are well known.
    A lot of "if's" in that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Henrin View Post
    Yes, it's my opinion.
    Yes it is.
    Quote Originally Posted by Absentglare View Post
    You can successfully wipe your ass with toilet paper, that doesn't mean that you should.

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