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Thread: Should We Give More Support to the Ukrainian Government?

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    Re: Should We Give More Support to the Ukrainian Government?

    Quote Originally Posted by Fearandloathing View Post
    Canada is more than well aware that the US would likely sit on its hands if we were attacked....that trip to Kandahar means nothing to you.

    And, your cheap, childish insults aside, I am more than a little aware that Canada was never part of the United States, but thank you so much for reminding me.

    And thank you also for demonstrating complete ignorance of the current situation in Ukraine, as the Canada in place of Ukraine has been the mainstay of the comparison by Russia and used at the UN.

    BTW, Ukraine was NEVER part of Russia. It was part of the USSR.

    But thanks for the history lesson.
    You are doing plenty of talking but little reading.
    The USSR and the Soviet Union are the same thing.
    Russia was to the Soviet Union what Washington DC is to the USA, although slightly different in that the USSR was made up of Republics and the USA is made up of States.
    One other difference is that Washington DC is not an actual State, whereas Russia was an actual Republic.

    Although it is entertaining, it is not my wish to keep debating things that are already clear facts.
    No one ever said Ukraine was part of Russia, but even if they had, you are just being intellectually dishonest in pretending you do not get the real point and jumping on these technicalities instead of discussing what matters. Ironically, you are arguing technicalities and plays on words that never existed to begin with, attempting to make others adopt an argument they never made.

    You seem to think that Ukraine has less value to Russia (which was the central government of the USSR), than an equivalent State would have worth to a hypothetically collapsed USA.
    If you truly do believe this, then it can only be a result of having a lack of empathy or inability to look beyond your own agenda and see things from another set of eyes.
    Russia still controls the entire military machine and nuclear arsenal of the USSR, just as it controlled the USSR.

    It has only been 23 years since the collapse of the USSR. Getting involved is not a far stretch from jumping into a nuclear power's civil war.
    It is quite simply none of our business.
    Add 2000+ nuclear warhead and it damned sure is not your business or mine.

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    Re: Should We Give More Support to the Ukrainian Government?

    It`s interesting, had the current Ukrainian authorities learned the basics of the economy? Judging by the recent actions they just heard something about this strange thing, while walking around backyard of lunatic asylum

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