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Well she certainly doesn't fit the narrative of what the left view as a feminist.

Left radical feminists and their organizations like NOW are first conditioned to see themselves as victims. They view women as victims of patriarchal oppression, and some have become so extreme to view heterosexual intercourse as rape. These gals believe women who like being in a heterosexual relationship/marriage are brainwashed by men who deliberately manipulate them to increase control over them. This kind of anti-male, anti-heterosexual thinking is actually commonplace in feminist rhetoric and in the campus Women’s Studies programs that promote such beliefs at colleges and universities. Also, with victim status, they see government as needed to protect them from such oppression and aid them through entitlements. Like the Sandra Flukes of the world seeing free birth control as a right or a free ride/or next to it for their university studies.

Then along comes Palin, who by all counts is feminist in the proper defining of the word who never played the victim card. She earned her degree on her own dime. She entered politics without the aid of someone else's coattails like say Hilary Clinton . She did it while being a wife and mother which are two things that the leftist feminists claim are oppressing. And one of the main reasons Palin was successful in her endeavors is because she had a supportive husband and that is probably the biggest thing that sticks in the crawl of leftist feminists.
A supportive handsome husband who makes good money on his own. A triple whammy for the feminists.