View Poll Results: Should Tony Stark Hand Over The Iron Man Suit?

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Thread: Should Tony Stark Hand His Suit Over To The US Government?

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    Re: Should Tony Stark Hand His Suit Over To The US Government?

    I don't really know how to discuss the regulation of magic.
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    Re: Should Tony Stark Hand His Suit Over To The US Government?

    Tony is basically a terrorist, by every legal definition. He meddles in other countries, kills citizens of hose countries, without the sanction of a government. At very least he on the same level as ISIS or Al Qaeda. That he happens to fight for reasons we approve of doesn't really change this. Freedom fighters vs terrorists and all that. On a practical level, for all the possible good that Tony can do as Iron man, widespread implementation of that technology could do a lot more. This includes the arc reactor (a huge leap in clean, sustainable energy), AI (JARVIS is easily the most advanced computer in the whole world) and the armor (prosthesis, protection, and mobility)... all of those would represent huge leaps forward technologically. If one person had those, it would be horrifically selfish to deny that technology to others.
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