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Thread: Should The Party System Be Abolished?

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    Re: Should The Party System Be Abolished?

    Quote Originally Posted by Cephus View Post
    If there was, third parties would be getting elected! The reason third parties are shut out, and I agree that they are in some places, is because the American people allow it! Nobody is upset about it! Nobody is standing up and demanding something be done about it! This is always treated as a giant conspiracy theory by third parties, that everyone actually supports the third parties but the Democrats and Republicans are out to get them! They've only got that power because the American people gave it to them and continue to give it to them!
    But it starts with people raising awareness about the matter, and/or what can be done. This is what some people are trying to do. It seems like your reaction to this is to dismiss the effort to change things by saying they would already be changed if people them to be.

    I do think there are many people frustrated with the '2 party system', but most don't understand what could be done. It would be a major effort to dislodge the 2 parties from their favored place, and it is in MOST places that they are. Or rather, the 2 party system itself favors 2 existing parties to remain in power, once power is attained. But there are also mechanisms specifically geared to perpetuate the status quo. Gerrymandering is one example.

    However, the biggest change that would weaken them would be instant runoff voting. I strongly believe that with IRV, a quarter of congress would be from outside the major parties within 20 years, probably mostly in the House. There are very libertarian areas, very liberal areas and very conservative areas that would elect people from parties that represent those views. I also believe a centrist party could possibly make some headway. I think all this is intuitive, but we couldn't know unless it actually happened. However, we DO know that it is typical in countries that have more representative voting systems that they DO actually have significant numbers of people being elected from more than just their major parties.
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    Re: Should The Party System Be Abolished?

    The problem is power.
    Multimillionaires running for low (for them) paying jobs with lot's of frustration (gridlock) do it for only one reason I can think of.
    Restrict the federal government to only those duties enumerated in the Constitution, and uphold the nullification power of states,
    If you did. most of the house and senate and maybe cabinet would resign.
    People would run for office that wanted to serve, not lord it over us.
    3rd parties would have a chance, because special interests aren't going to invest millions in buying wimps with little real power.
    Your regional interests will be better served at the state level.
    Pork barrel politics gets greatly reduced, because unholy coalitions don't get formed with all snouts in the trough.
    Centralization of power never works for good.
    If you live long enough, you will live in a foreign country, because the past is foreign to the present. We lived differently then. The only constant is change!

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