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But that is also possible from the information we have now on the incident. There were no signs of an actual rape, and they had been kissing prior "going to the lawn". They were 17 and 18 years old, drinking/drunk, and there were no obvious signs (according to witnesses) that this was rape or of a struggle. Even the woman who stopped it didn't actually tackle the guy first, only moved him to actually ask the girl if it was consensual, and she either a) said no or b) ran away and later said no (story's a bit shaky on this, as usual).

Fans Record Man Allegedly Raping 17-Year-Old at Keith Urban Concert Instead of Stopping the Attack (Video) | Americans Against the Tea Party

It is wrong to automatically assume that he is lying about whether it was consensual or not. We simply don't know which one is lying. The videos, photos, and witness accounts may help to provide a better picture, but not necessarily.
That article makes some very interesting points.