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Thread: When do You Think Marijuana Will be Legal in All 50 States?

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    Re: When do You Think Marijuana Will be Legal in All 50 States?

    Quote Originally Posted by TheDemSocialist View Post
    Simple Question: When do You Think Marijuana Will be Legal (if ever) in All 50 States?
    With all the "unintended" consequences Colorado's discovering, if they're any example of the consequences of legalized pot, no one's gonna want to invite all those expensive and grievous problems into their state!

    Talk about a rally cry for the Repubs!
    You don't trust Trump? Well, there's only one way to leverage him to do what's economically right for us all: Powerful American Political Alliance. Got courage?! .. and a mere $5.00?

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    Re: When do You Think Marijuana Will be Legal in All 50 States?

    Quote Originally Posted by Fenton View Post
    Uh huh....

    Legal pot blamed for some of influx of homeless in Denver this summer - The Denver Post
    Yes, some people move to the state with no real plans to support themselves only to take advantage of legalized weed. Sometimes freedom leads to bad choices in life. Not your business or the government's to stop anyone from making bad choices.

    Study: Fatal Car Crashes Involving Marijuana Have Tripled CBS Seattle
    “Currently, one of nine drivers involved in fatal crashes would test positive for marijuana,”

    This does not mean they were high at the time of the crash. THC can be detected in the blood two weeks after use.

    That article is completely misleading.

    Now, if someone was totally baked I would not recommend them driving. It should be treated the same as any other DUI.
    Are you going to advocate prohibition of alcohol now since they account for a large percentage of fatal crashes?

    AGAIN, the damage of drug addiction isn't limited to the drug addict.
    AGAIN, the damage of any legal activity can affect others. You are making less of an argument for the banning of weed and more of an argument for a fascist state.

    And these so called politicians you speak of will soon realize the stupidity of their actions as these problems grow.
    "So-called politicians?" What does that even mean? Because they don't agree with you on a topic they are not real politicians? Lol.

    It's not about " a plant " is it ? No, that's a purposefully simplified argument to justify inundating communities with a harmful chemical.
    You said you are for property rights. The man who grows/buys marijuana should own that property. If you advocate for government confiscation of that property then you are NOT for property rights.

    I'll cross that bridge when the Soviets or Chinese invade and make a B-line for my house with the intention of taking it from me.
    So you don't believe in having a military?
    No, SILLY is equating a hallucinogenic Chemical ( THC ) to over eating and playing poker. It's not just silly, it's absurd.
    I find it interesting how you exaggerate the effects of marijuana and downplay the effects of gambling and poor diet. Typical of someone who has been brainwashed by years of government propaganda.

    Of course, poor diet doesn't lead to shortened life spans, increased health care costs, etc.

    Of course, gambling addiction doesn't lead to foreclosed homes, divorces and broken families, etc.

    It cost money to enforce laws.
    Isn't that part of the argument conservatives generally want fewer laws?

    The Whole " the drug war has failed " false narrative makes the ridiculous assertion that law enforcement could and would wipe out 100 % of the illegal activities it's designed to limit.
    Except, it has only made the problem worse. Since it cannot be regulated on a free and open market the drugs have become more dangerous. Because it is forced underground we have drug lords and needless violence.

    We fund our law enforcement agencies to stop car thieves, home burglaries, credit card fraud, speeding, property destruction, the list is endless, but I haven't heard one person tell me " the war on robbery " or " grand theft auto ' has failed.
    It has failed in the same way alcohol prohibition failed.

    You can be an addict without being physically addicted to something.
    Then it can be argued that literally anything can be addicting. I think that pretty much waters down the term 'addiction.'

    I enjoy being sharp, and having the full use of my intellectual capabilities. I like the fact that I can remember what I just read, and I like to challenge people in a nice game of online chess. I guarantee if I made the stupid decision to smoke weed, I wouldn't be able to do the things I enjoy doing because of being impaired.
    You are free to make those decisions. But the government shouldn't decide for you which decisions are right and which are wrong.

    Why someone would chose otherwise is a testament to the destructive power of addiction.
    People aren't addicted when they first try something...

    I'm not very confident that even with strict regulation legalization is a good idea.
    I think most people would agree alcohol legalization was a good thing. There is no reason pot legalization should be any different.

    Like I said, the Pot of today is not the pot I smoked in College in the 90's, or the pot my Dad smoked in the 60"s. It has much higher concentrations of THC.
    So sick of this government propaganda. Just more scare tactics with little basis in reality. The truth is, there has been little change in potency the last several years. Even with an increase in THC, there is no chance for an overdose and, in fact, more THC means fewer puffs/less carcinogen intact.

    No, that's not " freedom ". By your definition of Freedom we shouldn't stop at just marijuana, we should legalize everything else.
    No, we should legalize activities that do not directly harm others. Obviously assault, murder, theft, etc should be illegal. But what I put in my body is my business alone.

    Well, then your'e infringing upon the freedom of people who wan't to raise their children in a twisted society with zero drug laws.
    Your standard ideal society shouldn't be a law to be enforced at gunpoint.

    Uhm, you can go into a shop in Denver, buy a " candy bar " loaded with High grade pot, and woof it down not knowing you just consumed 10 times the suggested amount.
    Okay, so if it is completely unregulated then a child can walk into that shop and buy one? That 'candy bar' didn't have to meet certain government regulations before it could be sold?

    Well, you and I agree on that.

    But it's the least we can do to try to create and maintain communities that offer the best chance of success for the generation that follows ours.
    I think most of us are for that. I just don't want to force others to conform to my standards.

    Legalizing Pot just condemned IMO, untold amounts of young people who may have chosen to become educated and productive citizens.
    Such silliness. Many young educated and productive people choose not to do pot, legal or not. Many productive people also choose to enjoy it in moderation. Did you know Carl Sagan smoked it? One of our great astronomers was a potsmoker and yet we want to stereotype every user as some hippie loser. Ridiculous.
    "Men did not make the earth ... it is the value of the improvement only, and not the earth itself, that is individual property... Every proprietor owes to the community a ground rent for the land which he holds." -- Thomas Paine, Agrarian Justice

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