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Not the same as "choosing". Pretty much the only "choice" in the matter is to choose from what is offered or not work at all. Choosing from what is offered is not always optimal, good, or even mildly decent. It's like choosing Crap A or Crap B.

When people make this point they act as if jobs offers are the proverbial low-hanging fruit that is both plentiful and sweet, and it's not that way at all for the vast majority of people.
Who ever said getting a job is easy? I dont think TB or I meant to imply it either. I worked hard for good grades in HS....so I could get into college. I worked semi-hard in college (ok, partied alot too) so I could get a good job. I had an internship...worked hard. Had to take other jobs because it took awhile to get job in my field....worked hard to get them and keep them. Worked my way up in field...worked hard so that there would be better chances of me always having/getting a job. (I also went back to college in my early 30s and that time I did work my ass off...I worked hard for 3 yrs, went to college, lived on bagels and rice and beans and got ANOTHER degree,....all hard work.)

It doesnt have to be with a college education....you can learn a skill, be an apprentice, go to trade school, whatever but if people are going around with the assumptions that finding jobs that allow you to support families is EASY they are sadly mistaken.

Is this the expectation? Roll out of bed and find a job? Is this what parents are teaching their kids? Cuz a few people here sure are suggesting it.