View Poll Results: Who has been our greatest President?

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  • George Washington

    23 21.50%
  • Thomas Jefferson

    5 4.67%
  • Abraham Lincoln

    19 17.76%
  • Teddy Roosevelt

    4 3.74%
  • Woodrow Wilson

    0 0%
  • Franklin Roosevelt

    19 17.76%
  • John Kennedy

    1 0.93%
  • Ronald Reagan

    21 19.63%
  • Bill Clinton

    3 2.80%
  • Other (please elaborate)

    12 11.21%
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Thread: Who has been our greatest President?[W:196]

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    Re: Who has been our greatest President?

    ... do people ever pause to consider how massive of scale a country like the United States is? There are no "good presidents", only good time periods.

    A good president is someone who rides the wave while discharging the minimum of duties necessary to maintain its natural velocity. Time periods are good or bad because the American people are good or bad.

    We're going through a bad time period because special interests have knotted up society and bent it out of shape with its natural velocity.
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    Re: Who has been our greatest President?

    Quote Originally Posted by Psychoclown View Post
    You're ignoring the fact that people are FORCED to pay into the system for forty some odd years before they can collect a dime. Social Security is based on the promise that if you pay in when you're young, it will pay off when you're old and start collecting for yourself. Assuming of course you live that long. I can't blame anyone who hits retirement age and decides, "Hey, I might as well get what I can out of this lousy system I was forced to support for my entire working life."

    I may disagree with a ton of government programs, but as long as I am forced to pay taxes to support those programs, you can bet I'm going to squeeze every last legal benefit I can out of those programs. It's just common sense.
    Well then don't be surpised when you are called a hypocrite then. If the very system shouldn't be there, taking advantage of it is hypocritical. Sorry you don't like the truth.

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