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  • The internet should be even more free than it is now. Everything should be free.

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  • It's fine the way it is.

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  • We're mooching. We should be paying our fair share based on our use.

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  • Other (Please elaborate)

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Thread: Should the internet be free?

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    Re: Should the internet be free?

    Quote Originally Posted by Helix View Post
    and you pay them more than most other people in the first world, and have fewer options to get rid of them when they suck.

    we seriously need increased competition in the high speed internet market.
    Right on.

    In my area, we have two providers, one TWC and the other AT&T, both ISP providers are priced the same for the most basic service, that's not competition, that's price fixing.

    If TWC keeps charging me more for service, I might purchase a YAGI antenna and get on Burger King's or McD's router which would be free.
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