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  • Democrats

    5 11.36%
  • Republicans

    9 20.45%
  • The Free Bacon Party

    13 29.55%
  • Rutabaga

    17 38.64%
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Thread: Who is the Party of freedom?

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    Re: Who is the Party of freedom?

    Most (perhaps all?) political groups formed by humans are not "the party of freedom" least in one sense.

    Since, effectively, the purpose of a political party is to promote the ideals of it's members over the ideals of everyone else.

    In some cases this is mitigated by compromise across party lines, yet in most if not all of those cases the compromise stems not from a desire to improve the situation of constituents, but rather from a desire to retain or improve political and/or financial position.

    tl;dr Ya'll be some corrupt mfers.

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    Re: Who is the Party of freedom?

    Interesting. The Republicans (8) have twice as many votes as the Democrats (4), but only half as many votes as Rutabaga (16). Clearly, the majority has decided. Rutabagas have the interests of the American people at their heart, unlike the establishment parties. Rutabaga 2016!
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