View Poll Results: Which office best trains future Presidents?

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  • Vice President

    25 7.96%
  • Cabinet Secretary

    37 11.78%
  • Senator or Congressperson

    164 52.23%
  • Governor

    54 17.20%
  • Military Officer (I.E. General, or Admiral)

    34 10.83%
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Thread: Which of the following offices best trains Presidents?

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    Re: Which of the following offices best trains Presidents?

    The office of Governor is the most comparable to that of President as they are both the head of the Executive branch of government. However, I would add that it would be a plus for a President to have both legislative and executive experience in government as it broadens their view and they know what it feels like to be on the other side of the process.
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    Re: Which of the following offices best trains Presidents?

    Quote Originally Posted by ttwtt78640 View Post
    Governor is the only public, chief executive listed - so I picked that one.
    Quote Originally Posted by MaggieD View Post
    I picked a congressman. My reasoning is that I think that, for the most part, they're leaders. But more important than that, they are "in the loop" on many insider goings-on. By virtue of their being part of either one, he/she would have formed alliances and friendships. Association with even distant colleagues in both chambers would tend to give him/her a bit of an edge, in my opinion. Knowing where even rivals stand on issues and why they stand there might prove valuable as well.
    My initial thought was to pick Governor, but Maggie made some very good points for Congressperson (Rep and/or Sen). There's a difference between being a leader among many and being *the* leader, and each has its pros and cons.

    Governor: *The* leader in their state. Very similar function and set-up to the President. Has a hand up in that regard. But, also doesn't deal with foreign policy, and dealings with foreign governments at all are limited to the niceties of trade by choice, not unavoidable crises.

    Congressperson: Does have more direct foreign policy experience, and has to contend with these issues often. Also knows how to move a bill through the maze of passing and knows the importance of forging alliances within government. Downside is, except for their own committees, they don't know how to be the top person.

    One caveat regarding Congresspeople... Experience is important. Obama would have been a better President, IMO, if he had a couple more terms as a Senator under his belt. He would have learned more of the nuances that would have served him (and us) better. He was too 'green' to make an effective jump to President so soon.

    I wish I could have picked both in the poll, Governor and Congressperson.
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    Re: Which of the following offices best trains Presidents?

    Interesting that only about 1/2 served in Congress and about 1/2 served as Governor. The fewest number were Cabinet Secretaries followed closely by VP.

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