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Thread: Pre-9/11 Plans for Iraq: Crazy Conspiracy or Fact?

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    Re: Pre-9/11 Plans for Iraq: Crazy Conspiracy or Fact?

    What is wrong with invading countries?
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    Re: Pre-9/11 Plans for Iraq: Crazy Conspiracy or Fact?

    Quote Originally Posted by Zyphlin View Post
    You have a couple of questions here that have to be address...

    Was War with Iraq a foregone conclussion when Bush chose his cabinet? No. If it was we would've gone in there day one. Even if one's ASSUMPTION is they absolutely WANTED War in Iraq, the fact they did not do it until there was reasonable jusitification for going into Iraq suggests they weren't going to simply just invade without some kind of reason. As such, it would be incorrect to say it was a foregone conclussion as it hinged on other things happening.
    I don't think it is reasonable to assume that the Bush administration would have considered an immediate invasion of Iraq. Iraq was on the ropes at the time, and more or less under control. Coming up with a rationale for a major military expedition, and the consequent lives and money lost, would have been, to say the least, been a very hard sell for Bush and this advisers.

    In fact, they did not wait for a justifiable reason, but merely an excuse. The 9/11 attacks had nothing to do with Iraq. What 9/11 did do (not surprisingly) was elevate emotions, and generate a lot of negative sentiment for the Middle East and its causes. This was a cover, but in no way any effective means of dealing with the extremist organization that perpetrated the 9/11 attack.

    The spin doctors of the Bush administration went to great lengths to try to subtly link Iraq with terrorism and 9/11, and sadly, the package was bought by many.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zyphlin View Post
    Was there likely pre-9/11 plans for an Iraq Invasion? Absolutely. I would hope there would be, both internally and in terms of outside policy think tanks. You have a generally volatile region in the middle east tied to a vest national intereset in terms of energy production. You have a leader who we've previously had negative interactions with who had repeatedly and continually bucked against and outright violated sanctions placed upon his country and who was routinely attempting to project himself as still potentially capable of posing a thread. NOT having strategic plans in place would be foolish and irresponsible.
    All military plan for eventualities. This is not surprising. However, the situation in 2003 was this: an extremist organization had risen up, and perpetuated on of the worst terrorist incidents ever. In Iraq, a violent dictator had been brought to heal, isolated, sanctioned, military destroyed, and hanging on by a thread.

    Which should have been the first priority? Get the criminals before they did something else crazy? Or invade a minimal third world country already under control? The answer to this will provide insight into the Bush administration, one which took considerable guidance from very extreme people, including radical fundamentalist Christians, and ultra-right think tanks, such as the Project for a New American Century.

    Something to think about.

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