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Yes I want this country to succeed and yes I believe many left policies are destroying it. And how long do we have to live with the failure of one of these boondoggles throwing money at them when they never did what they were set out to do?

Let's start with Johnson's Great Society. It was suppose to end poverty. What it did do is increase entitlement programs that produced generations of government dependency and has kept the people poor.

What about Jimmy Carter's Department of Energy? Created in the 1970s as one of President Jimmy Carter's bright ideas, has seen its mission evolve from basic research and development to spending billions to commercialize technologies that arenít yet viableóand might never be. This department is one that has encouraged corporatism as it shells out funding on special interests of whatever political power is in charge. It often creates an unfair playing field in business favoring the corporations.

And how has that CRA worked out? spawned sub-prime mortgage lending, which boomed starting in the mid 90's under Clinton. When the bubble burst, millions of sub-prime borrowers, the low-income people the CRA was created to help, found themselves owing more than their homes were worth. This set off the foreclosure cascade, tipped the economy into a prolonged recession, and plunged many families into poverty after they lost the homes they couldnít afford but that Washington induced them to buy.

Immigration laws after the last bout with amnesty in the 80's have been ignored and often mainly Democrats, some Republicans have encouraged expansion of benefits for illegals that encourage them to enter into this country illegally without consequences. Today in the news we are seeing the results of liberal policies that are at the heart of this crisis.

Department of Education is another boondoggle that was meant to raise the standards of schools across the country but has resulted in a dumbing down of our youth and standards lowered. It isn't encouraging to know there are few these days who finish with their public education that actually possess the skill of critical thinking. Studies show that the quality of education children received at the turn of the 20th century at 8th grade level far surpasses those who graduate from high school today.

All these policies were started out of compassion and all ended up hurting those they were suppose to help. But instead of nixing them, our lawmakers continue to prop them up with exuberant amounts of funding with failed results. If you truly want this country to succeed then it's time to be honest and get rid of what isn't working.
Excellent well thought out post! I cannot recall one instance when throwing more money at something that is failing ever made it better. It might work for a while, but eventually resentment at having to work with something that is not going to improve, no matter what is tried, has to be faced. That goes for business plans and personal relationships as well as political ones. Sooner or later, you have to face the truth, and get on with changing things in order to have better results in the future. Sometimes a different direction is called for, since continuing to hit your head against a stone wall only gives you headaches, and little else.

Greetings, Vesper.