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Thread: Drug Legalization

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    Re: Drug Legalization

    Quote Originally Posted by Muhammed View Post

    Seems like any mention of super high tax rates is always enough to get all the left-wingers' collective panties wet.
    Pfft with something like drugs? Hell yeah we should tax it insanely because they're terrible. It's what we're doing with cigarettes and no one seems to be complaining.
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    Re: Drug Legalization

    Quote Originally Posted by Crovax View Post
    Still regurgitating the same old myths. Prohibition did work it was repealed because people wanted to drink. The only thing drug legalization is about is wanting to do drugs, nothing more.

    Actually, Prohibition Was a Success -
    No, more like we're tired of locking people in cages for not hurting anyone. Why should we put people in prison for consuming a plant?

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    Re: Drug Legalization

    Quote Originally Posted by PoS View Post
    So here's what the drug war has cost us so far:

    - Largest prison population in the world.

    - Estimates that the Drug War has cost taxpayers from $1 Trillion so far (or around $100 Billion a year) and this is a conservative estimate.

    - Cops have been militarized: every city and government agency (including the Dept of Education) now has a SWAT team equipped with military weapons and vehicles.

    - Lots of innocent people have been killed (form drug gang shootouts to cops mistaking raiding the wrong house)

    - Arrests and incarceration of large number of minorities (the black population has been absolutely devastated by arrests and busts)

    - Strengthened organized crime (drug cartels control huge swaths of territory in Latin America) and caused massacres/high murder rates in other countries.

    It only took 13 years for the older generation of politicians to repeal Prohibition when they realized that it wasnt working. Why are a huge number of politicians now still for the war even though its not working?
    Because of very similar reasons why some of them want to get rid of guns.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lord of Planar View Post
    I don't claim to be an expert, but I probably know more than everyone in this forum debating the topic.
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