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Sorry, I know from direct experience that the death penalty is a deterrent.

Also, why do you think that "society is not supposed to answer an injustice with the same kind of injustice." By which I mean two things.

First why do you think that an execution as a reponse -- years after the fact, as a response top a heinous murder is an "injustice." Classically, it's would only be an injustice because so long delayed.

Second, in light of the War of Northrn Agression, World War Once, World War Two, The Viet nam Conflict, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, it is clear that Society most certainly does frequently react to injustices with greatly disproportionate injustice. (Wars because of their impact upon the innocent are never just.) Would you care to revise your previous statement to the contrary?
Well the govt is not at war with its own people, is it? So that whole paragraph... I don't understand where you're getting at. Is the USA govt at war with the american people?

Secondly, execution is a response. The fact that the state kills someone in 2 days or in 2 weeks or in 20 years, it's still killing them. It's not a difference. And as you've seen from the links, innocents get killed by the state. And the state kills in your name, the citizen. So... yeah.