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1. USA the obvious choice for many reasons. Largest military, one of the worlds economic superpowers, has the most to lose from an economic/ social world breakdown, champion of freedom and of course the top dog on the playground who would rather not go back to the days of the Cold War. However many would argue that the US is weary of any kind of conflict whether it be militarily or diplomatic and many American voters would rather stay out of the conflict all together.

The USA hasn't been a superpower for a few years now. That was Obama's agenda that no country is better than any other country that there should be no world superpower.

The USA is still a world power but no longer a superpower.

To be a superpower a country has to have a powerfull military that can be deployed.

The current administration (Obama) agenda has been to change the purpose and character of the U.S. military, use it for liberal social engineering.

We have a hollow military force today. The Obama administration has problems just keeping two Carrier Strike Groups at sea covering the Navy's five Areas of Responsibility. We have Carriers sitting in port that are unable to weigh anchor and "surge" to a crisis.

Of the Army's 33 combat brigades, only 3 are combat ready, properly trained and equipped that can be deployed into harms way.

The Marine Corps is better off, it can only deploy 1/2 of it's forces.

The Air Force is in sad shape. Less than 50% of it's aircraft can't fly either because of the lack of maintenance or spare parts. The Obama administration has grounded 1/3 of all Air Force squadrons. And the Air Force Officers Corps is suffering morale problems.

In the past five years the Obama administration has been purging the military officers corps of it's warriors and replacing them with PC "yes men."

You have a Commander in Chief (Obama) who doesn't trust those who wear the uniform and serve under his command. He orders U.S. Marines to remove the bolts from their rifles and even went as far as girly covers. (hats)

Obama hasn't earned the respect of our troops. Obama don't like the U.S. military and the U.S. military don't like Obama.

That's not the military of a superpower.

Putin lost all respect for Obama back in 2009. Putin don't like pantywaist leaders.

Our allies have watched Obama throw other allies under the bus and don't trust Obama wondering if they are next to be thrown under the bus.

The world has watched Obama surround himself with incompetent people with in his administration. They watch Putin playing chess while Obama plays checkers.