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Thread: Ray Nagin Convicted of Corruption and bribery.

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    Re: Ray Nagin Convicted of Corruption and bribery.

    Quote Originally Posted by Grim17 View Post
    No thanks Pete, I'm going to remain on topic... You voiced an opinion, and that was based on what I said, and the examples I provided from the news broadcasts from ABC, NBC and CBS...

    Since I know you won't find any examples to back up your opinion, I would assume this discussion is now over.
    Yes, you did provide examples, but you didn't find them yourself, you had the MRC do it for you.
    I find it exceedingly strange with all this supposed liberal bias out there, your stuck on a trivial item. Most people don't need to have the networks tell them Nagin is a Democrat because he's black.

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    Re: Ray Nagin Convicted of Corruption and bribery.

    Quote Originally Posted by theclown View Post
    Ray Nagin was a Republican all of his adult life until he decided to run for mayor of New Orleans. Then and ONLY then did he switch Parties because he knew he would never get elected as a Republican.

    Your welcome.
    In a January 13, 2006 interview on the Tavis Smiley Show, Nagin himself denied these rumors, stating that he "never was a Republican" and that he has been a "life-long Democrat", and several of the news sources reporting that he was a Republican have since issued retractions.

    A Shrinking New Orleans

    You're welcome.

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    Re: Ray Nagin Convicted of Corruption and bribery.

    The MSM goes out of its way to mention one party and by omission, ignores the other. My vote is always mention the political party. Mr. "Chocolate City" was an arrogant bastard - couldn't happen to a better guy.
    I think if Thomas Jefferson were looking down, the author of the Bill of Rights, on whats being proposed here, hed agree with it. He would agree that the First Amendment cannot be absolute. - Chuck Schumer (D). Yet, Madison and Mason wrote the Bill of Rights, according to Sheila Jackson Lee, 400 years ago. Yup, it's a fact.

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    Re: Ray Nagin Convicted of Corruption and bribery.

    Nagin is a known LIAR, though. I lived in New Orleans during the time he was mayor, and it was common knowledge (through the registration lists) that he had been a REGISTERED Republican before he ran for mayor.

    City Mayors: Ray Nagin - Mayor of New Orleans

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