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through which lens do you view political groups?

It is a subject of curiosity for me as I will watch two people, both of which are obvious examples of their ideology sit and argue that the other isn't a true (whatever). Yet there is obviously some sort of grouping that works or else these institutions would never have risen up in the first place.

The question for me is how to get my finger on that line of demarcation that truly works and is predictive.
Political groups are human tribalism run amok. We band together for power, so that we can use our votes together to get something done, but we all don't come even close to sharing the same viewpoints. Case in point, why so many on DP won't list themselves as straight liberal or straight conservative. I think we call ourselves these things in order to get a few big issue taken care of, but when you drill down to the specifics, no two liberals are alike. no two conservatives think the same. These are just arbitrary titles that should mean very little, yet somehow people have it in their heads that politics is absolutist; that theirs is the right side and everyone else are just the 'others'. I blame the internets.