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Thread: Hypothetical: someone sabotaged keystone pipeline

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    Re: Hypothetical: someone sabotaged keystone pipeline

    Quote Originally Posted by RiverDad View Post
    Try dropping an ice cube into a hot tub and see what happens.
    I know the answer to this one! She still doesn't put out.

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    Re: Hypothetical: someone sabotaged keystone pipeline

    Please. There would be no need to sabotage the Keystone Pipleline. It'll be so shoddily built that it'll just fall apart because of poor construction.
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    Blacks aren't committing more crime. That's the point. They use drugs at similar rates yet they get harsher sentences and more convictions.
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    I disagree. Just because their drug usage may be no different does not mean their propensity to commit crime is the same or equal.

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    Re: Hypothetical: someone sabotaged keystone pipeline

    Quote Originally Posted by Unitedwestand13 View Post
    this is a hypothetical scenario.

    suppose the keystone pipeline is built, or is nearing completion. What if someone or some group sabotaged the pipeline in such a way that it would make tarsands useless? like dumping liquid nitrogen to freeze the pipes.

    what would be the level of outrage be in the united states and canada?
    Sorry, but too far fetched for me.

    The tar sands are a GIGANTIC region...141,000 square kilometres...not one tiny hole in the ground.

    Plus, the pipeline would take oil from the pipeline, not the other way around. How is it remotely possible that blowing up the pipeline (which I assume will originate from just one small section of the tar sands) could ruin the entire tar sands?

    I do not see how any one group could ruin the tar sands no matter what they did to it.

    Now, if you are talking about some gigantic oil spill from the pipeline - fine.

    But, imo, there is no remote way that a terrorist group could destroy the tar sands by doing something/anything to the Keystone pipeline.
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