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Thread: Marijuana: Legalize or Ban?

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    Re: Marijuana: Legalize or Ban?

    Quote Originally Posted by Amanda1858 View Post
    The harm that comes from marijuana is enough to ruin your life. And the other hard drugs will be killing more people if it becomes cheaper and easier to buy.
    The harm that comes with marijuana Prohibition is enough to ruin your life. You have to make the distinction between harms associated with its legal status and the harms from the drugs themselves.

    Nobody is saying anything about cheaper and easier to buy regarding legal drugs either, the price can be the same, the stigma of seeking treatment can be reduced drastically, education and prevention via delaying the age of first use (ideally to the age of majority, but it will not be perfect). AS far as killing themselves - not so much - drug related deaths will plummet since the chances of overdose would be substantially diminished.

    For example, I do think it would be a more effective policy if drugs were legal.. ALL OF THEM. First off it actually does allow us to control these substances rather than ceding control to a criminal element. In my opinion highly addictive drugs (such as heroin) should be distributed only by trained and experienced drug counselors. They can build rapport with those that are addicted, they can give them hope, offer a pathway to a way out of their addiction - something that absolutely does not exist currently. The users will be inclined to go for a legally distributed product because it will be a known purity. The black market will shrivel because demand would plummet for street drugs. and the risks versus reward balance of smuggling would not be nearly as enticing anymore.

    The second prong is delaying the age of first use. legality has to be aimed at minimizing the black market as much as possible (it will never go away, look at alcohol, there still is a black market, but it is very small in scope compared to what it as during prohibition). With the black market a mere shadow of its former self, we will be able to take step to keep these substances out of the hands of minors and delay the average age of first of these drugs. This in turn will substantially lower the chances of someone becoming an addict, and also substantially reduce the number of those who become users in the first place. Couple this with non propagandized sensible drug education for children and we have a recipe for reduction of usage rates over time with this policy.

    The entire argument for drug legalization boils down to two words at its base: harm reduction
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    Re: Marijuana: Legalize or Ban?

    Quote Originally Posted by Binary_Digit View Post
    Mother's milk - the other gateway drug!
    You listen to George Carlin.
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    Re: Marijuana: Legalize or Ban?

    Quote Originally Posted by Amanda1858 View Post
    Ok, so we make all these drugs legal. The price will come down and more people will be able to afford it. Can you imagine how full the hospitals will be with overdoses and addicts who just don't know when to stop? The price will be reasonable so they will be able to get high more often. If you think the healthcare system is over whelmed now, just go ahead and legalize herion, meth, cocaine, marijuana etc.
    Cigarettes are legal, nicotine is extremely addictive, and yet smoking is on the decline.

    I would support similar education campaigns, sin taxes, and social pressure to provide a negative incentive to users of "hard" drugs. It will be more effective than throwing them in jail.

    Additionally, sucking the excess profits out of the business will reduce low-end production, as the higher quality manufacturers go legit and become subject to quality control laws. This will reduce overdoses by making it easier to control dosages and by effectively eliminating contaminants.

    There is also the "forbidden fruit" angle, where teens looking to rebel are going to be less likely to choose these drugs, since they won't be nearly as edgy or exciting when use is legal.

    The results of our drug policy is overcrowded prisons, heavy-handed police, and immense profits to the drug cartels. Usage is as high as ever. How is that better than just making it a regulated industry?

    The same is true, to a lesser extent, of prostitution and gambling.

    Marijuana is an extreme case, as there was never any reason to make it illegal in the first place.

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