View Poll Results: Would you prefer to make $7.25 an hour or $7.25 an hour?

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  • $7.25 while minimum wage is $5.15

    15 41.67%
  • $7.25 while minimum wage is $7.25

    3 8.33%
  • It doesn't matter. They are the same.

    18 50.00%
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Thread: Which would you prefer?

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    Re: Which would you prefer?

    Quote Originally Posted by joG View Post
    It is true that there are always cultural differences to be considered. My memory says that there were cross cultural studies that found differences but that the general behavior was human and not cultural.
    I'll have to do some more looking but my first run at that only turned up America and Western Europe.
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    Re: Which would you prefer?

    Quote Originally Posted by vasuderatorrent View Post
    This unscientific poll suggest that most people aren't impacted by their desire to be superior to others. Are they lying to us? Lying to themselves? What is going on?
    Dreaming of an other world?

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