View Poll Results: Should Obama meet the Dali Lama?

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  • Yes, meet him.

    31 79.49%
  • No, don't meet him.

    2 5.13%
  • Wolf Blitzer's beard

    6 15.38%
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Thread: Should Obama meet the Dali Lama?

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    Re: Should Obama meet the Dali Lama?

    Quote Originally Posted by jamesrage View Post
    Unfortunately there are politicians in both parties with their lips on the cocks of big businesses.
    Ain't that the truth? I was making no partisan comment since the undermining of the anti-Apartheid struggle was conducted by US and British administrations of all hues during the Seventies and Eighties.
    "The crisis will end when fear changes sides" - Pablo Iglesias Turrión

    "Austerity is used as a cover to reconfigure society and increase inequality and injustice." - Jeremy Corbyn

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    Re: Should Obama meet the Dali Lama?

    The Dali Lama and Obama, two guys plucked from obscurity with no prior experience and worshiped as godz....

    Yeah, makes sense that these two should hang out together.

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