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I'm shocked at the poll. I think people are not understanding what a right means.

You have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Nowhere does it say you get free stuff. To understand a right, you have to think about what taking away that "right" means. So, if you do not have a right to home ownership, that means that you could walk into a realtor's office and they could say, we don't sell to "your kind". See? It's not a right, anymore. But, if it's a right, you walk into that same office and if they say that, they go to jail, or something.

Right doesn't mean free stuff, it means you are not impeded by your fellow man from exercising that right. I have personally been on the receiving end of "your kind", so I am quite sensitive to the issue of whether home ownership is a right.

A privilege means, that literally, no pink polka dotted people could own a home in Pompay. I don't think any of you would agree that pink polka dotted people should be discriminated against in Pompay. That would be wrong. I will defend pink polka dotted people till the end, if that were the case.
Great way to phrase it.