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Thread: Ideology or Pragmatism or both?

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    Re: Ideology or Pragmatism or both?

    Quote Originally Posted by lizzie View Post
    Well, I was thinking more of the concept of pragmatism as a means of making decisions, rather than a course of action. A pragmatic nature tends to be pretty cold, as objectivity is the guiding principle.
    Ultimately, I would say that this depends upon the circumstances in question. Times of peace and plenty give a person more time and breathing room to measure their actions against the "ideal" standard their society or individual worldview happens to uphold.

    In times of crisis, conflict, or scarcity, however; this isn't always possible. That is when a "hard edge" becomes necessary.

    A big part of the problem our current society has, IMO, is that it doesn't seem to be able to make the shift in mindset necessary to thrive under those latter circumstances.
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