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Thread: Should motorcycles be illegal?

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    Re: Should motorcycles be illegal?

    Quote Originally Posted by ttwtt78640 View Post
    Motorcycles do lack traction thus have lower g-force potential for turns/corners. That cornering disadvantage can be overcome by their lower weight (and higher horsepower to weight ratio), giving the motorcycle the ability to accelerate and brake faster. Check lap times for a 2 mile, road race, course and you will see that the lowest lap times are obtained by the smaller (lighter) motorcycles. What cars gain (over motorcyces) on the turns, they lose (to motorcycles) in acceleation and braking between them.

    lap times from Summit Point -

    Summit Point Raceway
    Actually most race cars can outbrake race bikes as well. 4 much larger contact patches and use of downforce overcomes the lighter wieght of bikes whos contact patch basically halves as the real wheel is providing little to no braking force. As to the fastet bike on any given track, depends on the track. Faster tracks with longer straights and more flowing corners tend to have the larger bikes win. Smaller tighter tracks favor the smaller bikes. The closest track to me is rather small with some tight turns. 3-4 years ago it was a 1000CC superbike that set the new record that was previously held by a small 2 stroke so even on some smaller tracks the HP of modern superbikes is overcoming the cornering advantage of the smaller bikes.
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    Re: Should motorcycles be illegal?

    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Grimm View Post
    I'm getting a Triumph Bonneville, and as I've been reading safety statistics on motorcycles it made me wonder what the good people of DP would think.

    You are 36 times more likely to be in a fatal crash on a motorcycle than in a car. The most common reason for motorcycle crashes is they get hit by a car that doesn't see them.

    Do you think a 16 year old should be able to buy a motorcycle? Should protective gear (helmets, leather assless chaps, etc) be required? Do you think there should be noise limits on the pipes?

    This is a thread all about motorcycles and the law, so post your thoughts.
    There are old bikers and there are bold bikers but, there are very few old, bold bikers.

    Taking MC safety course is a good idea for many reasons, including an insurance discount. Most single vehicle MC accidents result from operator error/ignorance. Whether the law requires MC training or decent MC safety equipment is of little importance - if you have a $10 head then buy a $10 helmet.

    I have ridden MCs for over 30 years, was a certified MC safety instructor and have been in MC street accidents 6 times, breaking bones in 4 of them. Safety, as defined as absence of risk, does not exist while operating a MC. Learn and practice your riding skills, defensive driving techniques and wear appropriate protective gear.

    The typical excuse used for MC accidents is "I didn't see the MC" but that is 99.9% BS - what else can they say but "I was not paying attention, I saw the MC but figured they would either get out of my way or do little harm to me in a collision".

    Ride aware, ride often and have fun.
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